Chorus in Egypt

90fc08ae59c8e77d3a83c44eb563296cOne of the most interesting things about Euripides’ Helen is the character of the Chorus – in theory, they’re Greek women who have been living in Egypt for as long as (or probably longer than) Helen. They’re probably pretty thoroughly mixed, Egyptian and Greek, in fact–and that’s where our production will take off from. Consequently, for our Chorus, we’re looking for both singers and dancers – you don’t need to do both if you don’t want to! – who love rhythmic music, and can move and act. The music is high-intensity singing and hand percussion, with lots of shouting and even some call-and-response sections. If you’re interested in hearing or singing the songs or doing the dances, please contact Jeri at fogelj @ for more details, and a schedule!

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